Sausalito and Sonoma (Day 1)

Greg and I arrived around 9AM in the morning and immediately drove through San Fran up to Sausalito. We were lucky enough to upgrade to a convertible (which initially wasn’t available) Yay!!


Little did I know how dry and tangled my hair would be by the end of the day…

In Sausalito, we ate at the Bridgeway Cafe (meh) but the view was spectacular! Of course I didn’t get a photo, but you could see downtown San Fran off in the distance.

The weather was perfect for a quick stroll along the water before heading up to Sonoma.


We stayed at an AirBnB property, which I highly recommend. In most cases, it is just like staying in an apartment or condo for way cheaper than a hotel. Ours was at the top of a hill and had views of Sonoma Valley.

We decided to get a couple of quick tastings in before heading up to Glen Ellen for dinner.

Ravenswood was nearby, and I recognized the name so that was the first stop. We ended up getting a bottle of a Zinfandel that was fabulous!


Next we stopped at Sebastiani and decided to get a Cabernet (Cherryblock) to drink for our 20 year anniversary in 2033 – only because we tried one that aged for 20 years and it was sooo yummy!

After a quick nap (because we can’t hang, clearly), we went to the small town of Glen Ellen and ate at the Glen Ellen Inn.

Yes, I was that person who took pictures of their food.

Appetizers were raw oysters and baked goat cheese.

1) I thought the presentation of the oysters was adorable with their mini seahorse ice sculpture and 2) I WILL EAT ANYTHING WITH GOAT CHEESE!

Main course for me was dungeness ravioli – dungeness crab was everywhere. And I feel like this restaurant really loves their watercress garnish.

Dinner was amazing, and like champs, we passed out around 10 PM.

Much more excitement in Day 2!



    1. Hi Allan!
      I will try to post this week. The first week, my Wi-Fi was really bad and it is still intermittent. I can’t seem to get a stable connection. Thanks for checking in!


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