Aegina Island

One week after arrival, I decided it was time to see my first island! Aegina is very close to Piraeus with only 1 and half hour by ferry. This was also the least expensive ferry (€8 for me with a student discount).

Four of us went only for the day, and it was essential to rent a car to get to the various parts of the island.

Of course the car would be a Hyundai Accent – oh nostalgia. HA! It was totally a P.O.S. but oh well. We definitely had to take an obligatory selfie. Pardon my appearance :).

Our first stop was for lunch. We drove around to the other side of the island, to the town called Agia Marina.


The view from lunch was spectacular, and the food as well! The different shades of blue in the water was so beautiful. This was my first time trying octopus- holy crap! It was so delicious (if you can get past the appearance). The salmon was perfectly cooked as well.

After lunch, we went for a swim! The water was freezing cold and a bit turbulent. It was very tiring and I couldn’t stay in for too long. Sounds like I need to get back in to shape and stop eating souvlaki- NOPE!


Not too far away was the archaeological site of The Temple of Aphaia. [Will update more on this when I have my information on it]


It was nice because there was nobody here. You could get close and take pictures without having to worry about the crowded-ness of all the other tourists or having them photobomb.

After our history lesson, we decided it was time for some lounging on the beach. We spent a couple hours on the peaceful beach in Agia Marina. The waves were very soft and the temperature came in different streams of cold and warm. I may have fallen asleep on the lounge chair…


Perfect toes in the perfect sand 🙂


The last stop before we had to take the car back and head to the ferry was on the other side of the island near the port. The name of this area was Marathonas. We had a relaxing dinner on the beach and enjoyed a nice Greek beer. Again we had octopus (among other things) because it was so good!

Oh and if ANYONE can find me this exact pistachio butter brand, I will love you forever….

pistachio butter

Aegina is known for their pistachios and this particular company had made everything from pistachios. But by far, this pistachio butter won my heart over. I only bought this tiny jar – which I am deeply regretting.

For my first Greek Island, I was thoroughly satisfied. The following weekend – we went to Naxos! More on that next….

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